Bodegas y viñedos Tábula intervenes in the production of its wine from the beginning, from the most basic: the vineyards and their location. From there and up to the bottle, the production of our wines follows a rigorous process in which each stage makes its final production unique.

The harvest is done manually, in small boxes of 15 kg. which entails a careful selection and comprehensive control of the grape.

Already in the winery there are two selection tables:

  1. In the first one, the best bunches are chosen and the quality of the grapes is controlled. From the table the bunches go directly to the destemmer, where we separate the grape from the stem.
  2. In the second selection table, an exhaustive control of each grain is carried out, leaving only the most suitable ones, which will immediately go to our tanks, where they will make a brief pre-fermentation maceration that will vary depending on the wine to be made.

The fermentation of the grapes is carried out, in the case of our Tábula, in French oak wooden vats of 30 hl., 5 0hl. and 100 hl., an artisanal technique that gives the wines uniqueness. For their part, our DAMANA will carry out this process in 150 hl stainless steel tanks. 200 hl. and 300 hl.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the Tábula go into the barrel, where the malolactic fermentation will take place. Our DAMANA Crianza is transferred to the wooden vats, now free, while our DAMANA 5 will make this second fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Subsequently, it is aged in barrels for the exact time that each wine needs, which ranges from 5 to 16 months and from 6 to 12 months more in fudres and wooden tanks depending on the type of wine, the vintage and the grapes with which it is made.

Finally, it rests in the bottle to refine, at least the same aging time that it was given in the barrel.

Thus, the privileged location of the vineyards, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, together with the limited production, the harvesting, selection and production process makes our wines unique and unmistakable.

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