Tabula Wineries and vineyards was founded in 2002 backed by a group of Castilian-Leonese businessmen from various sectors and at the initiative of José Luis Muñoz Olmos, Valladolid businessman who took control of the project from the outset.

Even before its foundation, the philosophy and objectives of our winery were well defined, so the location of the winery was not going to be a problem; Before the winery, the vineyard, a 22-hectare limestone farm between Olivares and Valbuena de Duero , in the province of Valladolid is the cornerstone of the project and where the cellar rises.

One of our distinguishing characteristics being respect for the fruit and the search for the essence of our terroir , the terroir , it is in the vineyard where José Luis Muñoz begins his work determining the work to be done and touring the Ribera del Duero to select the best grapes.

Es en la vendimia donde el fruto de ese trabajo se ve recompensado; las mejores uvas de nuestros viñedos son vendimiadas manualmente y pasan por nuestras mesas de selección de racimo y de grano antes de llegar a los Tinos de madera para su fermentación.

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