The production hall was completed in 2003, a functional building that maintains our philosophy, housing everything essential to produce quality wines and confer the elegance and refinement that characterizes any wine from Bodegas Tábula.

The production room is divided into two parts, on the one hand, we have 150 hl stainless steel tanks. 200 hl. and 300 hl., where we make our DAMANA 5 and DAMANA Crianza. On the opposite side we find 30 hl., 50 hl French oak wood vats. and 100 hl., where the Tábula range wines undergo their first fermentation before going into the barrel.

To ensure that our wines maintain that respect for the vineyard, for the grape and ultimately for the fruit that characterizes them, the work that is done in the barrel room is very important, starting from the choice of the barrels. The winery has two 15 hl casks. And 25 hl., And around 1000 barrels of the most prestigious cooperages, specifically selected to provide the elegance and refinement that we pursue, also giving them longevity and without masking the aromas and flavors from the grape and its subsequent fermentation.

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